14-Year-Old Boy Who Killed Five-Year-Old Logan Mwangi Named Craig Mulligan As Judge Lifts Anonymity Warrant | british news

A 14-year-old “monster” sentenced to life in prison for the murder of five-year-old Logan Mwangi has been named as Craig Mulligan.

It is common for children to go unidentified in criminal cases, but a Cardiff Crown Court judge has decided to lift an anonymity warrant in this case.

Earlier, Mulligan, along with Logan’s mother, Angharad Williamson, 31, and stepfather John Cole, 40was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The teen was just 13 when he took part in deadly assaults on Logan and helped Cole dispose of the youngster’s body in the River Ogmore, Bridgend.

Logan was murdered just five days after Mulligan began living in the same house as him, something prosecutors described as “no accident”.

The judge said Logan was only 3ft 5in tall before his death – and he weighed just 3rd 1lb.

In court submissions, a foster family he was placed with said he had made their lives a “living hell” and that they were “terrified” of him.

Over the course of a few weeks with them, he repeatedly threatened to kill them — as well as injure their daughter, the foster mother and their dog, they said.

Concerns grew when he asked two young girls if they wanted to play a “murder game” and told them to go in black garbage bags.

While he apparently spoke fondly of his stepfather, stepmother and youngest sibling, they said he said he “wanted to kill the five-year-old” (Logan).

Mulligan was a “monster” with a “lust for violence,” they told the court.

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Fake 999 call from killer

Williamson and Cole have filed a petition in family courts for custody of Mulligan. They won their case on July 26, 2021 and he moved in with them.

Logan’s body was discovered in the Ogmore River in Bridgend on July 31, 2021, just 250 yards from his home.

Mulligan is said to have “idolized” Cole, who raised him from the age of nine months, and viewed his stepfather as a “divine” figure.

Cole had been in a relationship with Mulligan’s mother and later became her caregiver.

Ms Justice Jefford lifted the order issued under Section 45 of the Juvenile Court Criminal Evidence Act to publicly identify the youth.

“I have come to the conclusion, after reviewing this morning’s submissions, that I need to lift the reporting restriction in this case,” she said.

John Cole and Angharad Williamson, jailed at Cardiff Crown Court for the murder of her five-year-old son Logan Mwangi
John Cole and Angharad Williamson will serve at least 29 years and 28 years respectively

A trial at Cardiff Crown Court heard that Logan suffered 56 external cuts and bruises, as well as “catastrophic” internal injuries.

He was wearing mismatched pajamas and is said to have suffered a “cruel and persistent attack”.

The child’s injuries were described as being similar to those suffered by victims of high-speed crashes or people who had fallen from a height.

Williamson was told she would serve at least 28 years behind bars, while Cole would serve a minimum of 29 years.

Mulligan will be held for at least 15 years.

Logan Mwangi |
Logan Mwangi’s body was hidden in a river

Judge Jefford, passing sentence, described the hiding of Logan’s body in the river as “heartless”, “calculated and orchestrated”.

The judge said: “You are responsible for Logan’s death and all the pain that resulted.

“Since he was murdered in his own home, it is not possible to know for sure what happened to him.

“Inflicting these injuries on a small, defenseless five-year-old is nothing short of appalling.”

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