15 Exciting Things To Do At Night In Perth

Make your plans with the best things to do at night in Perth.

If you’re keen to ditch the couch and head out into the world one evening but scratching your head on what exactly to do, we’re here to help.

Perth’s night scene has had a major glow up over the last few years, and there is plenty of new and exciting things to do at night in Perth. Whether it’s date night, an evening with mates, your weekly catch up with the girls or a family outing, your next evening plans are sorted.

Let off some steam with axe throwing

Got some pent-up rage building? Or just looking to experience something a little different from your usual nightly plans? Get an axe in your hand and throw it at something.

This is where you can really channel your inner Viking and learn the art of axe throwing, with drinks on the side (but probably not at the same time) and some hearty feeds fit for a warrior. MANIAX in Northbridge run tournaments where you can face off with others and hit some bullseye before heading to the Viking-themed bar to cool off.

things to do at night in perth - maniax
Source: @maniax.au

Stargaze at the Perth Observatory

If you’re looking to woo your date for the evening, looking up at the twinkling stars should do just fine.

Perth Observatory is your very own gateway to the universe. You’ll be able to book a night tour and look through telescopes while having sights pointed out by dedicated volunteers, or throw down a rug outside and just gaze at the sky.

Work up a sweat at virtual reality

Haven’t tried virtual reality before? This is your sign to make it your next evening plan.

You and your group can step inside a game that looks and feels 100% real at Zero Latency where you’ll be fighting off zombie plagues, escaping pirate filled islands or surviving killer robots and rogue drones. No wires, no cables, just the freedom to play in an arena with up to 8 people at once.

things to do at night in perth - zero latency
Source: zerolatencyvr.com

Head to the drive-ins

Slip back into the good old days and pull up at Galaxy Drive-Ins for the latest flick right from the comfort of your boot.

As Perth’s only drive-in theatre, we’d be upset to even imagine this gem leaving for good, which is why we’re keen to get in as many visits as we can. The latest releases are always on the screen here, and on Tuesdays, you can load up the car and pay just $22 for everyone.

Catch some live music

The live music scene in Perth is blossoming, and there are plenty of local bands and gigs popping off every night of the week.

Fire up the group chat, head out to your nearest local or take a journey elsewhere and down some ice-cold drinks while listening to the latest tunes at the best live music venues in Perth. Who knows – you might just find a new favourite band.

things to do at night in perth - rosemount hotel
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Hit up a jazz club

Cosy up and sip on a glass of red at some jazz clubs in Perth for a soothing evening of beats.

The Ellington Jazz Club and The Jazz Cellar are classic favourites, both boasting authentic jazz tunes from live bands and just the right atmosphere to whisk you away from the busy world outside.

Shoot around a go-kart track

Satisfy your need for speed or live out your Mario Kart dreams on one of the many go-karting tracks around town.

There are plenty of tracks to choose from, like The Kart Centre with a 230m long track, WA’s largest indoor go-kart circuit Hi Voltageexciting speeds at Mega Fast Kartsor neon lights at PowerPlay Perth.

things to do at night in perth - the kart centre
Source: @thekartcentre

Challenge yourself with an escape room

Consider yourself somewhat of a puzzle master?

Escape rooms are the perfect way to exercise your mind and have fun while doing it – just make sure you take your brainiac friend along to help you crack the harder codes. You can escape from being buried alive (not for the claustrophobic), a bank heist, Dracula’s lair, a wizard chamber or challenge yourself to find hidden treasure in pirate-themed rooms.

See the best escape rooms in Perth

Scout out some hidden bars

When you are looking for more than just a pubthere are plenty of hidden gems scattered around Perth – if you know where to look.

Mix up your evening drinks by ditching the usual local and heading to some of the best hidden bars. There are rock n’ roll joints tucked away in convenience stores, hidden bars within hidden bars, underground whiskey dens and late-night pizza stops.

Score a hole in one at Holey Moley

You’ve likely already visited Holey Moley, but it wouldn’t be a crime to head on over again and re-experience the fun.

Putting a quirky spin on mini-golf, the neon-clad and colourful arena is home to a range of golf holes that will take you back to childhood favourite memories or depict familiar favourites. With a few locations around town, there’s bound to be one nearby you.

things to do at night in perth - holey moley
Source: @holeymoleygolf

Get spooky at Fremantle Prison

If you’re feeling bold, join a Torchlight Tour at Fremantle Prison that will certainly raise some goosebumps.

Your guides will take you on a journey through the darker side of the prison, with walls echoing stories of loneliness, pain and suffering, executions gone wrong…and maybe some jump scares or ghostly encounters along the way. This one is not for the faint of heart.

Watch the big screen at Karrinyup

The newly renovated Karrinyup has drawn many keen shoppers and food hunters into its midst, and if you haven’t already, you should definitely get down to experience the new HOYTS cinemas.

The comfy reclining chairs might just have you dozing off halfway through, the enormous screens will make sure you don’t miss a second of the action, and the D-Box motion recliners will vibrate along with the movie scenes so you can feel completely immersed. If you’re going to make a trip to the movies, these ones take the cake.

See a show at His Majesty’s Theatre

His Majesty’s Theatre always has something showing, and if you’re a lover of the arts, musicals or have a general appreciation of the theatre then a night spent here will be your cup of tea.

They’ve got everything from cabaret to ballet to opera on the stage, and you can catch everything that’s on here to plan your next evening out.

Get competitive in laser tag

Laser tag is just a kid’s thing? We beg to differ. Sharpshooters will excel in a match of laser tag, and have plenty of fun while doing it.

Strike Carousel or Karrinyup host laser tag games where you can make your way through a challenging arena and then have a drink afterwards, or you can head to Laser Blaze for a super session on Friday and Saturday nights.

things to do at night in perth - strike
Source: @strikebowling

Rug up for a picnic in the park

The bright lights of Perth are simply dazzling against the night sky, and you can find the perfect vantage point at Kings Park to set up for an evening picnic and gaze over the city.

It’s great if you’re looking for something free to do on your evening, and the perfect excuse to have a little time out and get the girls together or snuggle up to your better half.

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