18 Best Manscaping Tools and Body Groomers for Men

Although most men have chosen an ideal beard trimmer or razor, manscaping and body care present a whole new set of challenges. From hard-to-reach areas to varying hair density, different parts of the body — such as the neck, back, and ears — require different products to get the job done.

The key to manscaping and body care is investing in quality tools with different functions. “It only takes a few products to manscape: a good trimmer, razors, and — if they have a beard — clippers with guards,” says Biryon LiBrizzi, owner of The Dappermen’s Den Barber & Shave Parlor in Bernardsville, New Jersey. “If you spend a little more money in the beginning, you’ll get quality products for years to come.”

From multi-function razors to electric razors, the following items in your grooming routine can help keep things neat and tidy. Beyond that, grooming experts weigh in on their favorite manscaping tools.

Brio Beardscape Beard and Body Trimmer V2

Brio Beardscape Beard and Body Trimmer V2

Eric Bandholz, founder of men’s grooming company Beardbrand, swears by Brio’s multi-function beard and body trimmer, which features a digital display and interchangeable blades and guards. “Brio’s Beardscape has a battery that lasts forever and gives you tons of flexibility and options with its digital screen and moving head,” says Bandholz.

BabylissPro GoldFX contour trimmer

When stubble becomes a problem, high quality trimmers are the perfect solution. “The BabylissPro GoldFX is the trimmer I use [and] I love that it’s wireless, so there’s no arguing with a cord,” explains LiBrizzi. “It cuts the hair smoothly and very close, so that framing a beard looks nice and sharp. You can also use this on your nose, ears and body.”

Gillette 3-in-1 Styler

At a more modest price point, the Gillette 3-in-1 Styler is both versatile and durable; the cordless trimmer is completely waterproof and has three adjustable comb sizes.

“Men should look for brands that have been around for a while when choosing manscaping products,” notes JayR Mallari, an A-list hairdresser who has worked with Stephen Curry, DeAndre Jordan, and more. “The size of this trimmer is generally smaller than most, giving the user a more comfortable approach.”

Gama Professional GBS Absolute Pro Cut 10

If you’re looking for a trimmer to up your manscaping game, try this versatile option from Gama’s Barber Series Collection. The powerful cordless clipper has a 9,000 rpm motor and a quickly rechargeable battery.

“As with any tool, you want to make sure it fits comfortably in your hands and is easy to charge,” says Roman Grandinetti, a partner at Human Nature NYC barbershop. “I use the Gama GBS Absolute Pro Cut 10 – it’s the best I’ve used, travels very easily and holds a load well.”

Dorco ST300 Platinum Extra Double-Edge Razor Blades, 100-Pack

LiBrizzi’s manscaping favorite is a Dorco single-use blade, an inexpensive option for those looking to get the perfect shape. “I use a straight razor with disposable blades, but I understand that not everyone will be comfortable using a razor,” explains LiBrizzi. “If you have a beard and you can overcome the fear of using a razor, it makes such a huge difference to aligning your beard.”

OneBlade Core Razor

With razors, sometimes less is more. While multi-blade tools are commonplace today, experts argue that single-blade razors should be the best choice for manscaping. Try the OneBlade Core Razor for a close shave without irritation.

Deliver the Single Edge SE

Bandholz likes this option for a seamless shave, as the agile design makes it suitable for use all over the body. “Supply’s SE is a high-quality, cost-effective razor and features ‘NickStop’ technology to minimize cuts,” says Bandholz. “It’s perfect for use on your face, head, or body.”

$19 at Gillette or $18.99 at Amazon

Gillette SkinGuard Razor With 4 Refills

Another low-cost option is Gillette’s SkinGuard razor, which has two raised blades and a precision trimmer. “Tools that are small and lightweight provide greater comfort and confidence when maneuvering,” said Mallari. “As for razors, it’s more of a matter of preference. If you’re concerned about ingrown hairs, SkinGuard is definitely the razor to consider.”

Best nose and ear hair trimmers

ConairMan Lithium Powered Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer

ConairMan Lithium Powered Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer

While some may be tempted to pull out nose hairs with tweezers, this minimizes the hairs’ ability to filter inhaled dirt and dust. That is why experts encourage the use of electric nose and ear trimmers that can trim hair to one common length. The ConairMan trimmer is a great product for those just starting out as it is cordless and has three different angled blades.

Choice Micro Groomsman Personal Pen Trimmer & Details

Choice Micro Groomsman Personal Pen Trimmer & Details

When maintaining the hair around the nose and ears, precision is key. While nose hairs should never be plucked, using small scissors or power tools can help keep them clean. “Personally, I prefer the precision that scissors give for nose hairs,” explains Bandholz. “But the ear and hair attachment will be a great way to clear out those pesky ear and nose hairs without the fear of cutting some skin.”

Wahl Groomsman Battery Trimmer Kit

Mallari says a detail trimmer can be useful for “tight areas like your nose and ears.” This kit includes a beard trimmer and a nose hair trimmer for precise grooming.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000

Electrical products are ideal for precise cutting and detailing. With over 12,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, the Philips Norelco two-sided trimmer and shaver can be used wet or dry and has rounded blades that help protect sensitive areas.

Platinum Pro by Mangromer Back Shaver

While traditional razors or razors struggle to get the job done on the back, this product will help clear out those hard-to-reach areas. The latest back shaver from Mangroomer has three removable heads and an extendable ergonomic handle that can be adjusted to any shape or size.

BabylissPro GoldFX contour trimmer

The BaBylissPro is again LiBrizzi’s choice, this time for a quality back shaver. The cordless trimmer is extremely versatile, allowing users to access areas such as the back, neck and more.

Wahl Home Barber Kit

Mallari suggests the Wahl Clipper Kit for a home shaver option, as the 30-piece kit offers plenty of tools and features to achieve the perfect shave. “Manscaping takes a lot more effort and attention to detail, a slip or a failure can cause damage,” Mallari warns. “I suggest seeking out a helper to comb the hair on your back.”

Angled shaving set

“There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for grooming, so it’s important to know which tools to use and how they should perform,” Bandholz notes. Supplied with pre-shave oil, shaving cream, post-shave balm and razors, Bevel’s Shave Kit is the perfect one-stop shop for anyone who wants it all.

Anthony Scheer Duo

With a soothing shave gel and a nourishing after shave balm, Anthony’s Shave Duo does it all. “I firmly believe that men should invest in a good skincare line,” says LiBrizzi. “At least a face wash, face cream and an eye cream. At The Dappermen’s Den, we use the Anthony beard and skincare line.”

Deliver the SE Starter Set

“I believe in the phrase ‘buy once, cry once’: if you pay for quality, you don’t have to buy the lower quality product that underperforms,” explains Bandholz. “If your closet is empty, I recommend that you start with the SE Starter Set. It combines the great SE razor with shaving cream, a shaving brush, post-shave oil and razors.”

Manscaped the perfect duo 4.0

For sensitive areas, soft and agile products are a must. The Manscaped Perfect Duo set includes an ear and nose hair trimmer and a waterproof electric trimmer – perfect for grooming below the waist and other areas of the body.

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