A Census snapshot: who is the average Wyndham resident?

The latest census data was released on Tuesday, June 29, and provides locals in the municipality with a detailed idea of who exactly the typical Wyndham resident is.

The average townsperson is a 32-year-old male, he’s married, with one child.

He was born in Australia, has Indian ancestry, and both of his parents were born overseas.

The resident has no religious affiliation, and the top language other than English spoken at his home is Punjabi.

The most common long-term health conditions he suffers from are asthma, mental health issues, and arthritis.

He lives in a home with three others, has a median weekly household income of $2023 and median monthly mortgage repayment of $1930.

See the stats below to learn more about the people of Wyndham and how the area has changed since 2016, when the previous census data was released.

Population: 292,011, up by 34 per cent.

Religious affiliation: No religion, 23 per cent, Catholic, 18.2 per cent, Hinduism, 14.5 per cent, Islam, 9.9 per cent.

The top ancestries in Wyndham, included Indian, 17.4 per cent, English, 16.8 per cent, Australian, 16.5 per cent, Chinese, 6.3 per cent, and Irish, 4.2 per cent.

Language, other than English, used at home: Punjabi, 7.1 per cent, Hindi, 4.8 per cent, Mandarin, 3.6 per cent, Urdu, 2.9 per cent and Telugu, 2.5 per cent.

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