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Just when you thought you had heard it all from Aaron Rodgers’ personal life, the news comes that he reportedly has a new girlfriend named Blu of Earth, who seems to be really in tune with nature and medicine.

A tipper tells Awesemo Side Action that Blu of Earth changed her birth name Charlotte Brereton to her new ultra-hip Instagram name, and that Mrs. Earth describes herself as a “witch” and “claims she’s a drug woman.” She also romps in the podcast world.

Last year, Rodgers claimed he was getting married and was ready to have children with actress Shailene Woodley. These two completely ended things earlier this year after barely spending time together through the 2021 NFL season.

Now, if the reports are true, Rodgers is back in the dating game with a woman whose Linkedin page reads that she has worked on events like the MTV Movie Awards, the Oscars and the Grammy Awards after graduating from Florida Southern College in 2013.

Aaron Rodger's new girlfriend Blu of Earth pictures
Aaron Rodgers has reportedly passed on from boyfriend Shailene Woodley and is now dating a self-described drug woman named Blu of Earth / Awesomo Side Action

In an Instagram post on April 18 that Rodgers liked, Blu broke into poetry to share his feelings for life.

The winds of change are upon us – do you feel it? At an individual level and a collective level.
In times of great change – surrender, silence and softening are our greatest allies.

See you on the other side family.

Thank you for being on this life journey with me.

I love you.


In her subsequent Instagram post almost a month later, Blu wrote “This is my first post since I dived from the darkness on @skycaveretreats. Part of me died in the dark. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Sky Cave Retreats is an “off-grid, ground-protected cabin” that offers “solo dark retreats in the private.”

Aaron Rodgers and his alleged new girlfriend Blu of Earth on some retreat / Awesemo Side Action / Instagram Story

Talk about some silly things here. Whoa!

I’ve never grown mushrooms in my life, but I might have to to find out what’s going on here, as these people come into contact with another world while I live in the suburbs.

I want to give Blu of Earth this, these solo cave retreats sound amazing. My wife and I could use our very own. She goes into the 1A cave and I go into the 1B cave for one night – I’m not greedy. She agrees to play video games. I go in and watch golf, the NHL playoffs, baseball and listen to music. No children. Just us adults in our own private caves. No telephones.

She’s obviously on to something here.

Now the big question is whether Blu can communicate with the football gods to explain how Rodgers can not get back over the Super Bowl hump that has caused Packers fans so much pain.

Do your work, Blu.

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