ABC refuses to hold staff responsible for biased tweet

Sky News Digital Editor Jack Houghton says ABC director David Anderson “insults our intelligence” by claiming Patricia Karvelas’ tweet with Labor MP Linda Burney was not a breach of ABC’s personal use social media policy.

Ms Karvelas tweeted a selfie between herself and Labor MP Linda Burney, now Minister for Indigenous Australians, on May 21 – the night before the federal election.

That tweet was accompanied by the caption, “This woman is a legend and looks set to be the next Minister of Indigenous Affairs #Ulura Statement”.

“Wow, that’s quite an endorsement — but how does that compare to requiring ABC journalists — yes, the ones your taxes pay for — to be impartial?” said Mr. Houghton.

David Anderson was asked that this week by Liberal Senator Sarah Henderson at Senate Estimates.

“Incredibly, he claimed there was nothing to see here.

“Talk about insulting our intelligence.”

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