Accused killer called journalist Hedley Thomas jerk in angry phone call

Former Sydney teacher Chris Dawson taunted investigative reporter Hedley Thomas in a taped phone call played in court, claiming the reporter positioned himself as “prosecutor, judge and jury”.

The wiretapping was played Wednesday afternoon in the NSW Supreme Court, where Dawson, 73, is on trial for the murder of his first wife, Lynette Dawson, who disappeared from Sydney’s northern beaches in January 1982. He was arrested and charged in December 2018 and has pleaded not guilty.

Chris Dawson before the NSW Supreme Court this week.

Chris Dawson before the NSW Supreme Court this week.Credit:Nick Moir

Chris Dawson called Paul Dawson at 9:13 pm on September 9, 2018, after Thomas appeared on an episode of Nine’s that night 60 minutes about the cold case, in which he described Dawson as a “despicable person”, “seriously narcissistic” and “dangerous”.

Thomas is running behind The Australian Walkley Award-Winning Podcast The teacher’s petreleased in May 2018, about Dawson, Lynette and the couple’s nanny known as JC.

In the phone call, Chris said Thomas had “set himself up as prosecutor, judge and jury”.

“That man has never met me,” he said.

Paul Dawson suggested that Chris call their older brother, Peter Dawson, a lawyer.

“Remember, we’re being recorded,” he said in a separate conversation later that evening.

Chris replied: “Hedley, you’re a fucking wanker. If the police want to pass that on to Hedley Thomas, he’s a jerk.”

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