AFL News 2022: Referee opposing referee slams for inconsistency, Bulldogs v Collingwood result

The NFL’s controversial wise opposition referee came under attack again after a few “ridiculous” decisions Friday night.

The ruling opposition base for the controversial NFL ruling came under scrutiny again after a few “ridiculous” decisions during Friday night’s clash between the Western Bulldogs and Collingwood at Marvel Stadium.

This week, NFL president Brad Scott boasted that the opponents’ rule rule was quickly becoming “a non-issue” in the sport, but inconsistent management during Friday’s “farce” proved otherwise.

Early in the third quarter, Bulldogs’ young defender Boko Khamis threw his arms in the air after appearing to have been sent off a defensive match by Magpies defender Isaac Koinor.

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But Khamis’ frustration only increased when the referee awarded Collingwood a 50-meter penalty for opposing the referee, awarding the Magpies their third goal of the match.

“Thursday, I can’t believe it,” footy icon Brian Taylor said on Channel Seven.

“I think it was for hands in the air because he didn’t say anything.

“There is an arm with a smile. There is not much malice in the question.”

Richmond great Matthew Richardson continued: “Come about it. That’s not 50 metres.

“You have to pay them all at that time. It’s just ridiculous.”

“This rule is seriously a joke,” former Bulldog defender Lindsey Gilby tweeted.

A similar incident also occurred in the fourth quarter when Collingwood striker Jordan DeJoy threw his arms in the air after facing Josh Dunkley, only for the Bulldogs receiving a 50m penalty.

Several football experts have pointed out that De Goey has clearly tried to hide his disappointment with the referees, but he is still under pressure.

John Ralph of The Herald Sun tweeted, “De Goey wanted to explode but instead showed no real opposition. Still a 50m penalty. We had the baseline. Now it’s hard to know where we are again.”

Australian cricketer Jess Jonassen wrote: “I’m all for the umpires etc but I’m not a fan of the 50m ‘opposition’ rule. There is a difference between being offended and emotional players at the moment.”

ABC anchor Quentin Hill wrote on Twitter: “This is where this campaign is going wrong. De Goey is actually showing respect by reeling in his reaction. Punished anyway. We get it, but it’s time to adapt from over-revision. “.

Speaking on Fox Footy, hawthorn legend Jason Dunstoll argued, “I thought De Goey in particular was a little rough because he was about to go off and then literally recovered himself and then actually stopped but you can see at first he was about to do it.” Throw the arms.

“If you’re going to make that much effort to dip yourself in, I think you’re entitled to a bit of latitude.

“This is a really difficult place.

“They give instructions to the referees, so let’s not be hard on them either. If you see the arms go up, that’s some form of opposition but it’s hard to expect players to stop the emotions completely once the whistle blows.”

Former St. Kilda star Lee Montana interjected: “It’s not hard, it’s impossible. They’ll react.

“That’s what we want to see from the players – restraint – and he put it back to himself, he did exactly what we wanted with that rule and yet he still paid 50.”

“They have created another gray area in the game, and it is a disaster ahead,” continued David King, the two-time Premier League player.

Meanwhile, the Bulldogs settled into their turbulent 2022 season with a dominant 48-point win over Collingwood.

The Bulldogs looked at their best in the Grand Final, blasting the Magpies away with a devastating first quarter that had them netting the first six goals of the competition within 19 minutes.

From there, the Pancakes couldn’t make it to the dogs that moved home for a much-needed victory from 14.15 (99) to 7.9 (51) after beating out an early wave of the final quarter of the Pancakes that included three quick goals.

The Dogs could have slipped two games off the top eight after nine rounds if they had lost to the Magpies, but an outside chance remains to get in by the time the weekend is over.

Regardless, Luke Beveridge’s guys will love their chances of climbing into the top eight by mid-season with the Gold Coast and West Coast in the next two weeks.

The vaunted Bulldogs have performed poorly for the majority of this year, but have had no such issues against Collingwood as Bailey Smith (41), Adam Treloar (36), Jack Macrae (37), Tom Liberatore (30) and returning captain Marcus Bontempele (26) combined 170 kicks to have a massive impact on the game.

Treloir sent another reminder to his former club of what he missed after his controversial trade in 2020, where he scored three goals.

– With Ronnie Lerner, NCA NewsWire

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