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Murray had reached the semi-finals in Surbiton and the final in Stuttgart when he was hit by a stomach strain that threw his Wimbledon preparations into disarray. The world’s No. 51 has now given an update on his injury after training at the All England Club, and still intends to play Wimbledon, which starts in just seven days.

“The next few days are pretty important to me,” he said of his Wimbledon hopes. “Of course, the plan is still to play. The injury I had is improving.” The 35-year-old admitted he was feeling better but had not been able to practice certain shots since recording the injury, hoping to reintroduce them in the coming days. “I feel better than I did on Sunday afternoon, evening. The training has gone well in some aspects. With the nature of the injury, it has not prevented me from practicing. I have been able to do a lot of work on the field, but there are specific shots that I have not been able to practice yet, ”he admitted.

“In the next few days we’re starting to do that. The positive thing is that I’ve been able to get on the training ground and hit balls and work on a lot of different things, but there are specific shots that I have not been able to practice. “and it has obviously hampered the preparations. Over the next few days, I have to start increasing it and testing it to see where it is.”

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While Murray tried to remain reticent where shots had been affected by the injury, it appeared he had not been able to serve in the past week. He continued: “I have had it scanned again since then and it is progressing in the right way. But one can probably calculate from the nature of the injury what shots it is I have struggled with and have not been able to practice In the next few days, I’ll start increasing it and testing it out. And hopefully it’s recovered adequately.

“I do not want to go into detail about which shots exactly I have not been able to make. But based on the damage I have, there are some things that are harder than others. And I have been able to I have worked on many different things and it has not prevented me from being on the field, but it has resulted in me missing certain elements of the exercise, which is not ideal. But the next few days are important for me to start increasing the training start to hopefully get to play some points. And things to see where I am. “

Murray picked up the injury early in the third set of the Stuttgart final against Berrettini, and during the match one could hear his box tell that he could not serve when he received treatment. But the triple Major champion did not think he had aggravated the injury by playing through to the end of the match. “The way I finished the match, it was obviously quite clear which shots I was struggling with and what I was not. And I certainly did not continue to play 100 percent from the beginning of the third set,” he explained.

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“The last couple of years, I’ve obviously been dealing with a couple of different injury issues and problems. I did not feel like I was doing myself any more harm. The injury I have is not a significant injury, but it’s an injury that is difficult for tennis players.You have to manage them well and do everything properly and respect it.I have done so so far.

“Hopefully it will pay off on Monday, but no, the significance of the injury, the nature of the injury was not so bad that I could say I made it worse by continuing.” And Murray shared the disappointment of getting an injury in what was arguably the best race he had had since undergoing hip surgery three years ago.

“It’s frustrating, but I played nine games in two weeks. I’ve not done that since 2016. Six years since I was last able to do that. It’s my fault because my performance has not been consistent enough,” he admitted. .

“At some points, it’s understandable because I played at a high level. In the end, I think it was like nine games in 12 days, which is important, and unfortunately he took this injury,” he said. “Yeah, it’s frustrating because my game was obviously a good place physically. I was feeling good. I felt like I was moving. Everyone that I trust and respect in terms of their opinions about my game and my movement, was very pleased with how that side of things went and developed. “

But he could still see the bright side of the problem as he remained hopeful he would return to Wimbledon, adding: “So yes, it’s frustrating to be in this position in the build-up to Wimbledon, but I’ve been in worse situations in recent years. The positive thing for me is that: that I have certainly dealt with worse problems in the last few years and handled them okay. “

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