Ant-Man Responds To Thanos Butt Theory On Disney Cruise

Paul Rudd as Ant-Man

Few questions from Marvel are as hilarious or enduring as the Ant-Man/Thanos butthole theory. The theory went viral on the internet, and for good reason. After all, why? can not Ant-Man crawl into Thanos’ ass and make him explode from the inside? The question spawned countless memes, jokes, and even a catchy song. And while the Russo brothers have been addressing the theory, the public has yet to hear from Ant-Man himself.

Well, that all changes as Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) finally responds to the theory in the most unlikely of locations: the Worlds of Marvel dining experience at the Disney wish cruise. Lang says of the theory: “First of all, disgusting. Second, it’s much more complicated than that. Allow me to explain -“, but he is cut off by Hope Van Dyne before he can continue.

Walt Disney Imagineering senior creative director Danny Handke explained how the piece came about, thanks in large part to Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness writer Michael Waldron. In an interview with NerdistHandke said, “We write the script from Imagineering, and then we usually give it to a Marvel writer to brush up on the dialogue, … It just happened to be Michael Waldron, the writer of Doctor Strange and Loki and everything. It was so cool to have him there. He brought in the Thanos joke because we wanted to make it super awkward for Ant-Man. It’s his first public speaking, so he wanted to start off with something really awkward for Ant-Man. So he brings it up because you know he’s heard the rumors everywhere. We got that joke. We’re like, ‘Can we do this?’ We’re like, ‘Let’s give it a shot. Is Paul willing to do this?’ Paul [Rudd] was, and Paul put his own spin on it because he’s great at improvising. That’s what we got on the show.”

The interactive dining experience leads to a short film, Worlds of Marvel’s Avengers: Quantum Encounter with Ant-Man, Wasp, Captain America, Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel in an alternate timeline as they launch an attack by Ultron, who had gotten their hands on quantum technology. Diners have a role to play in saving the world at dinner.

I mean, water slides, interactive adventures and the Thanos butt theory? What more can you ask for from a Disney cruise, nay, any cruise?

(via Nerdist, Featured Image: Marvel)

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