Applause survey: Travelers face challenges Managing disruptions through apps

Travelers are generally satisfied with the travel apps they use, although a significant percentage said they have had trouble managing disruptions through apps, according to a survey of more than 5,200 travelers conducted by testing and digital quality provider Applause.

About two-thirds of the survey respondents, which covered a wide variety of travel apps, said they were somewhat or very satisfied with the travel apps they used, compared with nearly 20 percent who were somewhat or very dissatisfied, according to Applause . However, 37 percent said they didn’t find apps helpful in managing disruptions, such as rebooking a canceled flight or finding accommodation at the last minute.

The biggest dissatisfaction with travel apps was that travelers simply couldn’t find the information they needed with the app, 18 percent of respondents reported. Slow response time, poorly executed localization or translation, payment issues, and failure to deliver something requested in the app were all experienced by 10 percent or more of respondents.

Accommodation and flight apps had the highest use among respondents, used by 23 percent and 21 percent of total respondents, respectively. Twelve percent use car rental or car services apps.

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