Artists called to pay to exhibit along boardwalk – ‘Disrespectful’

A call for local artists this month to exhibit their art in Hastings for a small fee of $50 to cover the cost of one board as part of the Hastings ‘Colours of Barbados’ Site Hoarding Art Exhibit on the Boardwalk was “disrespectfully ‘ named. .

Members of the arts community and supporters of the arts on Bajan Twitter refused to remain silent on the issue.

This is what happens when people see artists as hobbyists

The general consensus among those who saw the nonprofit want to bring color and creativity with a real Bajan flavor to the South Coast Boardwalk was that the artists deserve to be paid for their work.

The initiative indicated that all submitted works will be displayed on the recently erected billboards along the Richard Haynes Boardwalk at the old Caribee hotel site, now the construction site for the 132-room Hotel Indigo property. It indicated that artists can purchase one or more sheets of 4ft x 4ft PVC sheet to affix their artwork at BBD$50 per sheet. Basic terms and conditions apply, the notice stated and stated that the hanging space has been provided courtesy of the owners of the property.

The Hotel Indigo brand is part of the InterContenental Hotels Group (IHG). IHG Hotels & Resorts also include Regent, EVEN Hotels, Candlewood Suites, Holiday Inn, and Holiday Inn Express.

On Twitter, one artist said:

“This is bad… Hire artists properly, don’t promote this stuff, we suffer enough and the bar is so low that we don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong”

Quoting other persons “They always want people to do things for free!”

“Wait a minute… Let me understand this… They don’t have a studio or real audience, and you have to pay to exhibit your work for free?”

“Give me back my window to the sea and stop being parasitic against people who want their artistic talent recognized. Have you really ever had someone say to you, ‘I’ll pay you $50/16sq. ft. to company to paint?'”

“It’s the Guts for Me”

“…don’t let anyone convince you to pay them to exhibit your art”

“So instead of paying for art, they want artists to pay for a place to show their art? This is disrespectful.”

“This is so outrageous. Wow. The brutality.”

“This is what happens when people see artists as hobbyists and don’t take it as seriously as other professions. You can’t tell the emergency services at a party to pay YOU, the organizer, $50 to provide their service. Bfr. “

“This is ridiculous and insulting.”

Calls to the number on the flyer for their response were unsuccessful until the time of publication.

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