Author Joshua Altobelli’s new book “Zheph Skyre” follows an outcast inventor trapped in an isolated city walled off from the rest of the world

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Joshua Altobelli has completed his new book “Zheph Skyre”, a gripping and powerful novel about an eccentric inventor who lives in a city isolated from the rest of the world. Many believe that Zheph is a criminal. Few understand who he really is, and a certain individual wants to use him for his own selfish purposes.

There is only one person who can call Zheph a friend, and she happens to be a princess, although many find her strange as well.

Author Joshua Altobelli writes: “As people close their doors behind them, a strange boy in a red helmet drives by in a bizarre three-wheeled vehicle. The young man’s vehicle balances and moves forward on one wheel, while the front two wheels are on. the end of a curved tube hangs in the air.Steam and smoke blow out his exhaust pipes as he zooms by on the dirt road past abandoned carts.There are multiple brass and brass tubes, rivets, gears, pedals, a leather seat and a protruding glass windshield over two handlebars on this one-of-a-kind machine.The young man appears to be wearing a red trench coat over a one-piece black bodysuit with red trim.Under the large coat, the rider wears multiple leather straps across his chest and legs holding various devices He carries a green backpack with another strange device strapped to the outside of the bag.”

The compelling story of Joshua Altobelli, published by Page Publishing, follows Zheph as his journey unfolds. He doesn’t believe in the mystical, but he’s in for quite a surprise.

Readers who want to experience this compelling work can purchase “Zheph Skyre” in bookstores everywhere, or online from the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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