Author Michael Tougias out with two new books

Michael J. Tougias

Mendon author Michael Tougias, a prolific writer of histories based on war and outstanding courage, has departed from his chosen genre with one of two new books, “No Will Set You Free.”

This nonfiction guide assists readers in learning to take back their time. In short, Tougias deals with setting boundaries and learning to say no. As a writer, he has no doubt experienced the problem of a life interfering with a life’s work.

A second new release, titled “In Harm’s Way,” is a return to form with the story of the USS Indianapolis, infamously torpedoed by a Japanese submarine during World War II. Written for young adults, the book details the explosion’s impact, killing some 300 sailors. Close to 900 sailors were left floating in the sea, fighting off sharks, hypothermia and hallucinations. When they were located, after four days, 317 of their number had died. Doug Stanton wrote the adult version of this book. The YA version is fifth in the True Rescue series published by MacMillan and Holt.

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