Visiting museums is the new craze now. Not just B-Towners, but even other international celebrities have taken on this new trend. Here we have captured two art lover celebrities for you! Actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Raveena Tandon and Sonam Kapoor are ardent art lovers and love purchasing artworks for the love of it!

Athiya Shetty recently flew to Germany to accompany cricketer K L Rahul for his surgery. On her Instagram account today, she posted her gorgeous photos while visiting an art museum. The ‘Hero’ fame actress had donned a blue sweatshirt and two-tone pants. These aesthetic pictures reveal her love for art and museums. She is an ardent appreciator of art. She captioned the photos with a very thoughtful caption, “We have nothing to lose and a world to see”.

On the other hand, the art museum fever has also reached Korean heartthrobs. BTS RM does not like partying with friends or travelling. When they were travelling, RM claimed that he became bored and spent the entire day in motels watching Netflix and YouTube and got bored even more. RM claimed that his passion for art began when he visited the Chicago Art Museum and saw a piece by Monet. One of his favourite artists is Claude Monet.

Even RM on his Instagram profile keeps posting pictures from his Europe trip where he visited several museums. It is intriguing and really interesting to see such detailed artworks in his posts. RM does have an art collection of his own. He plans to open an art gallery. According to him, starting his museum would be a big gig. So he plans on opening a cafe with a few floors for the art gallery to display his artworks.

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