Beer prices rise for Christmas

The price of beer will rise before Christmas after repeated attempts floods all year round in Australia’s main growing areas.

The widespread flooding of farmland on Australia’s east coast has already affected food supplies, but it is now reported that the barley crop has been seriously affected.

Not only have crops been flooded, but roads have been blocked and harvesters are flooded.

Biercafé RSL applauds schooners for drinking alcohol
Beer prices will rise across the country. (iStock/Getty)

As a result, increased costs for breweries are likely to be passed on to consumers, with price spikes looming.

Milk and vegetable prices will also rise, making for a pricey Christmas shopping list.

The increased supply from the Interstate will hopefully reduce some of the costs in the coming weeks.

Xavier Martin, president of the NSW Farmers Association, recently warned that full recovery was a long way off for flood-affected regions.

“The rains have stopped for now, but the floodwaters will continue to affect farms and communities for some time,” Martin said.

He said many farmers had individual repair bills of more than $100,000, in addition to losses from destroyed crops and lost livestock.

Ongoing concerns about major road closures for flood repairs could also have a significant impact on freight transport, particularly grain transport.

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