Blockchain Interoperability Goes Beyond Moving Data from Point A to B – Axelar CEO Sergey Gorbunov By Cointelegraph

Blockchain interoperability goes beyond moving data from point A to B — Axelar CEO Sergey Gorbunov

Cross-chain communication between blockchains is more than just moving data from point A to B, but how it can connect applications and users for improved experiences and reduced gas costs in Web3, outlined Sergey Gorbunov, co-founder and CEO of Axelar Network , in conversation with Cointelegraph’s business editor Sam Bourgi on Sept. 28 at Converge22 in San Francisco.

As the crypto industry has evolved in recent years, the demand for blockchain interoperability has increased, attracting venture capital and welcoming players such as Axelar, which reached unicorn status in February. According to Gorbunov, the company, founded in 2020, started with the premise that cross-chain and multichain capabilities would come to define the crypto space. “The idea is not just to talk about how to connect A to B, but how to connect a lot to many, right? How to connect everyone to everyone. And that goes for applications and including users,” he explained. from.