Bloomberg Media hires Fry for Quicktake show

Hannah Frits

Bloomberg Media tapped the British math professor and author Hannah Frits to showcase a new series for its Quicktake streaming service and bolster its lineup of original shows, reports Alex Ritman from The Hollywood Reporter.

Ritman reports: “Fry, a regular on British radio and TV, will present The Future with Hannah Fry, which kicks off Feb. 22 and explores science, technology and people on the cusp of the most transformative breakthroughs of our time, producers said. The show will bring topics into sharper focus through interviews and explanations, as well as field visits with scientific experts and technology leaders in facilities around the world, exploring breakthroughs in themes such as artificial intelligence, crypto, climate, chemistry and ethics.

“I’m really obsessed with helping people better understand the day-to-day impact of science and math on our everyday lives, and we’re partnering with Bloomberg to bring that to an even wider influential audience worldwide,” said Fry, who works alongside Professor in the mathematics of cities from the Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London, is also a best-selling author, award-winning science presenter, and host of numerous podcasts and television shows, including The curious cases of Rutherford and Fry, Deep Mind: The Podcast and BT Sport’s It’s a numbers game.”

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