Books by black authors to read this summer

Welcome back to Book-ish, Unbothered’s focal point for black girls, fives and non-binary folx who put “the lit” in the literature! An extension of Refinery29’s #OnMyNightstand series, Book-ish is a space for black people who love to read, by black people who love to read. We’re excited to bring you content that highlights black writers to read and more – and we’m warming things up for the summer!
In June, we bring you this short and sweet list of books by black people that we will definitely get into on the beach, at cooking, anytime, anywhere. Whether you need something to read during your return flight from ATL (were you to The Glow Up with us?) Or you are looking for a park reading, here are three books selected by Team Unbothered to help you get your summer reading on it .

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