Bradley Pen Dragon: Notorious paedophile arrested about 48 hours after release from Perth prison

Paedophile Bradley Pen Dragon is already back behind bars — about 48 hours after he walked free from prison — amid allegations he possessed images of children.

Officers took Dragon into custody on Thursday, The West Australian revealed. He was due to spend the night in custody before facing Perth Magistrates Court on Friday.

It is unclear if the images fall into the category of child abuse material.

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Nonetheless, Dragon is prohibited from having any pictures, drawings or sketches whatsoever of children, whether indecent or not, as part of his release conditions.

Convicted child sex offender Bradley Pen Dragon could be deported from Thailand on Friday and flown home to Australia as one of thousands of prisoners released under a Thai royal pardon. 46-year-old Pen Dragon was the first foreigner jailed for child sex offences in Thailand after admitting to having sex with girls aged 9, 11 and 13 while on holiday in the early 1990s.    
Pictured: Pen Dragon in back of prison van
Camera IconConvicted child sex offender Bradley Pen Dragon was allegedly in possession of images of children. File photo. Credit: AP/AP

His swift arrest proves authorities have been watching Dragon’s every move after Mark McGowan promised he would be monitored “very closely”.

“He’s the sort of person that we will crack down on immediately,” Mr McGowan said on Thursday, hours before his arrest.

“If he breaches, a tonne of bricks will come down on him.”

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