Bristow Public Library Sells Thousands of Books in Upcoming Sale

As holiday shoppers are busy this weekend, the Bristow Public Library has some great deals on books.

From children’s books to novels and cookbooks, everything is for sale.

About 3,000 books in the Bristow Public Library need a new home.

“They just take up a little bit of space,” said executive director Heather Hutto.

They haven’t been checked out in a while, so they’ve been pulled off the shelves and now they’re on sale.

Hutto said this is the library’s first book sale in years and invites people who are already shopping for Small Business Saturday to come by and pick out a few books.

“One of the luxuries, if you will, of being a small town is that you don’t have to pay big city prices,” she said.

Shoppers can expect books to cost anywhere from 50 cents to a few dollars.

Hutto said all the money will go to “Friends of the Library” to help pay for new books and programs.

“Libraries across the state are facing budget cuts — really, across the country. And by selling books, we can make some extra money and then use that money to buy new books and pay for other resources,” Hutto said. .

Children who come on Saturday receive a voucher, which allows them to choose five free books to take home.

“We didn’t want cost to be a barrier for our youngest customers,” said Hutto.

“I think if they see something they like and they know they can have it… I think that’s great,” said children’s librarian Elsie George.

George works with volunteers to organize everything for Saturday.

“Some of my very, very favorites that I’ve read to kids over the years,” she said.

The sale starts at 9:30am and continues until 12:30pm, just the beginning of a new chapter for the old books.

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