‘Bullitt’ was and still is bad

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Every few years someone tries to tell me that the 1968 movie Bullitt, starring Steve McQueen and known for its car chase sequence, is good. “Did you see the chase?” they’ll say, and that’s usually all, because Bullittlike a movie, is trash.

We bring this up again in these parts because there apparently new Bullitt made, or at least a new movie based on Frank Bullitt’s character. This wouldn’t be remarkable except that Steven Spielberg, who is probably the greatest movie director of all time, is behind it, and it was reported last week that actor Bradley Cooper will play Frank Bullitt. By term:

Sources are convinced that this is not a remake of the original film, but a new idea centered on the character. In the original film, Frank Bullitt is a no-nonsense San Francisco cop on the hunt for the mob boss who murdered his witness. Considered one of McQueen’s more iconic roles, the film delivers one of the most famous car chase scenes in movie history. Sources also add that the film is still in development.

While Cooper’s deal only recently closed, he and Spielberg have talked about the character and what a new take on the story would look like, all the way back to the pandemic when everyone was stuck in quarantine with nothing but time to spare.

This still “in development” movie is the Hollywood trade press’s way of saying it won’t happen at all in the end, which indeed may happen if Spielberg or Cooper sit down and actually watch Bullittinstead of watch the chase scene for the 100th time, or just think of their own nostalgic memory of the movie.

Or maybe they recently reviewed it and decided it’s now time to make a good – better version, which I’m sure Spielberg could do, even with this material. Spielberg also seems to like a good challenge considering all the different genres he’s worked in his career. Eventually we’ll know Spielberg’s Bullitt is good when people talk about the actual movie, not just a chase scene.

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