Bury Council proposes new children’s park in Prestwich

The council has put forward plans to build a new children’s play area on a piece of land in Prestwich.

Following suggestions from community groups, the council have launched a consultation with the aim of gathering residents’ views on the potential new build on Fairway, Sedgley.

The new children’s park, featuring climbing frames, swings and other equipment, would accompany the recently planted orchard.

The consultation will take place until Monday, July 11, giving residents a chance to provide feedback on the proposals.

Cllr Alan Quinn, who is helping to lead the proposa,l says he expects the response from the public will be positive.

He said: “There is a park at the school on King’s Road but its quite small and the community is expanding, we’ve got a lot of young children.

“Community leaders approached us and asked ‘could we have park here’ so we’ve managed to find some money in the Parks and Green Spaces fund, and we’re doing a consultation with local residents.”

Proposals for the park state there will be 13 different pieces of play equipment, which could accommodate around 48 children.

An artist’s impression of the new park designed by supplier Sutcliffe Play says equipment has been designed to allow children of all abilities to play together.

If the park gains a positive response from the public through the consultation process, it is hoped the park would be installed by the end of the summer.

Cllr Quinn added: “There are a lot of young families here and they need somewhere to go.

“The initial reaction is pretty positive and when we’ve talked to local residents, they’ve really thought it’s a good idea.”

Residents who would like to share their thoughts on the new park have been invited to do so on the One Community Bury website.

More information can be found on Bury Council’s website.

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