‘Butcher of Aleppo’ fired when Vladimir Putin shakes up Russian top command again

However, Moscow’s army has been pursued by Ukrainian resistance, where its infantry is unable to claim many cities that have been conquered, despite being almost leveled with Russian artillery.

Gen Dvornikov had probably simply taken too long to capture Donbas, who has been Putin’s priority target since his failure to conquer Kyiv in March, said Samuel Ramani, an associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute in London.

“Dvornikov was given a target date on June 10 to conquer Severodonetsk, and while missing that deadline, he used his trademark Aleppo – like offensive tactics,” he said.

Ramani also described the firing of General Serdyukov as head of Russia’s airborne units as “an astonishing death”.

Gen Serdyukov had commanded about 2,000 Russian paratroopers in January when they deployed to Kazakhstan to help crush unrest. The Kremlin considered the mission to have been a great success, and Gen Serdyukov had been earmarked for promotion.

Putin has been accused of micromanaging military operations by the Kremlin, frustrating generals who have complained that he is incompetent. Rumors have been circulating for weeks that he had fallen out with Gen Dvornikov in particular.

In a YouTube interview earlier this month, one of the leading journalists in the British open-source investigative journalism group Bellingcat, Christo Grozev, said that Gen Dvornikov was known to be a great drinker, and that officers who worked with him in Syria, did not. trust him.

“Dvornikov’s reputation from Syria in the army was not very high. They presented to the public that he was a tough strategist, but they already knew that his ability to coordinate different types of troops was not very high, “he said.” He drinks alcohol excessively and decides on situations such as when to start war. , in the middle of the night without any intelligence support. ”

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