Census 2021 results released, Blockade Australia protests continue, Sydney trains industrial actions gets underway; US abortion rights fallout continues

Police say they are poised to pounce on climate protesters planning to conduct further unauthorised protests this week after members of the Blockade Australia group caused major disruptions across Sydney’s CBD on Monday, leading to 10 arrests with more expected in coming days.

Adding to the chaos, train commuters across NSW were warned to expect “significant delays” on Tuesday due to protected industrial action, which will see peak-hour services reduced by 50 per cent.

Blockade Australia climate change protestors in Sydney CBD on Monday.

Blockade Australia climate change protestors in Sydney CBD on Monday.Credit:Brook Mitchell

Most of the group – numbering about 60 – converged on Hyde Park about 8am on Monday before dispersing across the streets, deliberately getting in the way of traffic and making use of objects in their path – chairs, sandwich boards and traffic barricades – to maximise their impact.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Paul Dunstan told reporters police would review CCTV and other video footage and warned protesters to “expect a knock on your door”.

Police were unaware of what Blockade Australia has planned for Tuesday, he said.

But as the group has flagged the entire week for protest action, police would be “out in force in all locations”.

Jonah Shabtay, the spokesman for Blockade Australia, told the ABC’s RN Breakfast that activists would be using “creative tactics” in the Sydney CBD again today.

Blockade Australia climate change protestors on Monday.

Blockade Australia climate change protestors on Monday.Credit:Brook Mitchell

“It’s not something we’re excited about – blocking roads,” he said on Tuesday morning.

“We’ve seen rallies in the city with 100,000 people that haven’t produced any results, so we really want people to see what we’re doing and realise that it’s for everyone.

“Everyone should care about having a healthy, livable planet, and the minor inconveniences caused are nothing compared to what we’re all facing.

“Making a disruption in that way is really the only way we’re going to see change.”

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