City of Vernon reaches settlement with owners of short-term rental ‘party house’ – Vernon News

Party house shut down

The party is over for one short-term rental property in Vernon.

The home, which has generated numerous calls of complaint, has been shut down, the City of Vernon confirms.

In July 2021, the city sought legal action through a statutory injunction against the “party house.”

According to the city, the owners did not reside on site and guests caused significant issues for neighbouring residents.

Since 2019, bylaw attended more than 50 complaints to the property and wrote more than 25 violation tickets, the city said in July 2021.

An out-of-court settlement has now been reached between the city and property owners.

The consent order was registered with the Supreme Court of British Columbia on June 10 and details the settlement, which prohibits the defendants from operating a short-term rental in the city.

The defendants were also ordered to pay the city $15,000 in damages and costs.

The location of the house was not disclosed.

The city is currently seeking public input on short-term rental regulation to develop policy on the subject.

Airbnb and Vrbo-type rentals have grown exponentially in numbers in recent years.

Landlords see them as way to make money without the hassles sometimes associated with long-term renters, but neighbours often complain about noise and parking.

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