Copenhagen gets yellow for Tour de France

STORY: As race director Christian Prudhomme explained, the city will be the northernmost city ever where the race will start.

“It’s very far from France, because it’s really very far from France. And it’s the northernmost continent ever. But I think Denmark deserves it,” he said.

“Why? Because the entire population is cycling and because you love the Tour.”

Celebrations in Denmark are everywhere, with people and cities alike decorating buildings and paying tribute in the colors of racing jerseys.

Copenhagen mayor Sophie Haestorp Andersen hopes the city can inspire people to take up cycling to help both health and the environment.

“My hope is that when the Tour de France leaves, they will have seen a Copenhagen that is yellow, which is happy, which invites people, not only for professional cyclists, but also for ordinary cyclists. And we hope to inspire the rest of the world and to move more in this direction because it is a carbon neutral way of life and it is also a healthy way of life,” she said.

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