COVID-19 on the rise again, health officials urge people to exercise caution

Bloomington health officials said a new wave of COVID-19 is pushing up hospital admissions.

Bloomington health officials warned that COVID-19-related hospitalizations are on the rise again and urged residents to take precautions, including getting vaccinated and challenged, wearing masks indoors in public places and staying home if symptomatic.

“We’re in a new wave right now,” Brian Shockney, president of Indiana Health’s South Central Region, which includes Bloomington.

The south-central region of the health system had 31 patients with COVID in hospital as of Friday, and Shockney said the extra patients combined with nationwide labor restrictions present a challenge for health professionals.

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“Hospitals are once again struggling to find beds for inpatients,” he said. “It’s hard to provide care to everyone who needs it.”

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