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In recent months we have seen interesting images created by Dall-E 2, but today anyone can try it. Created by OpenAI, Dall-E 2 uses artificial intelligence to generate images based on generator sequences. Basically you describe what you want Dall-E to draw in text and a few seconds later Dall-E presents you several variations of what you asked for.

Now available in general release, Dall-E 2 gives users 50 credits to generate any image you can imagine. You can buy additional credits in 115 credits for $15USD. Dall-E also provides tools to upload your own source/seed image, as well as tools to guide the AI ​​on how to adjust the generated results. You may be wondering about the legality/rights to use the generated images:

Use of images. Subject to your compliance with these terms and our content policies, you may use Generations for any legal purpose, including for commercial use. This means that you may sell your rights to the Generations you create, include them in works such as books, websites and presentations, and otherwise commercialize them.

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Dall-E is not the only player in the AI ​​art generation game. The first publicly available option was Nvidia’s GauGan and the recently released Stable Diffusion is growing in popularity. You can see Dall-E 2 in action and learn more in the video below.

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