David Archuleta Don’t say gay, complains concert promoter

David Archuleta Don't say gay

David Archuleta Don’t say gay, complains concert promoter. The American Idol alum shares heartfelt response

David Archuleta usually goes on Christmas tour every year. But since coming out as queer in 2021, David has mixed feelings about playing in the mostly conservative cities that are typically part of the run. And it turns out he was NOT paranoid. David Archuleta says not gay, implied an angry email the singer received.

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In an Instagram post, David copied an email from what appears to be the booking person who scheduled the date. Halfway through the concert, David talks about his experience coming out, and some people apparently didn’t like that, including the booker, who claims that some people walked out of his concert Thursday night at Delta High School in Delta, Utah. Sharing his queer experience “ruined” the concert for attendees, the email’s author insists. And in the future, David should just keep quiet about his sexuality

Here’s the post in case Instagram isn’t legible. Speaking of legibility, grammar is not this person’s forte.

…they didn’t pay for David to take 15 minutes [sic] and ruin that Christmas experience

I thought the concert was incredible and David took the audience on a magical Christmas journey. With each song the excitement built, the attendees loved it and appreciated the great talent and voice that David has. I couldn’t [sic] asked for more to that point. People had a Christmas experience that was phenomenal. To go from that height to people walking out of the concert when David used what people thought was a Christmas concert to talk about his journey to being queer.

…they got an incredible experience, but they didn’t pay for David to take 15 minutes [sic] and ruin that Christmas experience they just had. I don’t believe that, that concert was a setting for that to happen. We have some very upset customers that I want [sic] deal with today. I would hope that the remaining concerts wouldn’t allow that and they would just have a great Christmas experience.

The concert was not possible [sic] of been better and I really wish the show would [sic] or ended after O Holy Night and people would have left feeling like they just experienced a Christmas miracle.

Do not worry. David continues to speak his truth.

In addition to the negative email, David posted a long comment. Don’t worry, David will continue to share his truth.

“My manager has received an email that I feel is important to answer. This tour was not the easiest for me to do. One way for me to find peace with it is to be open about my journey,” David wrote.

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He continued, “I am sharing something that I felt I had to keep hidden for almost my whole life. Because you believe that your existence is unacceptable. That mentality is not healthy. So I choose not to hide that anymore. When I insult others for simply saying it’s okay to be who you are and like someone, even if it’s the same gender, and people leave a show because they’re uncomfortable with me sharing my self-acceptance story.”

“The person singing those songs on stage was no different than the person at the end of the show,” David explains. “I am learning to love myself and encourage others to do the same. 2 years ago I thought it was better to end my life than admit it openly.”

“I want you to think about why you’re uncomfortable with that”

“If you are more offended that I say I like boys than that someone thought it was better to take their own life for that same reason. I want you to think about why you’re uncomfortable with that. I want to have awkward conversations. That way you gain insight.”

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“I didn’t say anything explicit or inappropriate,” explains David, “If a few dozen people walk away, but others remain who need to know they are not alone on this journey. It’s worth it to me. I felt I was alone I was scared. I thought I didn’t deserve anything good because I was strange.”

David shares his strange journey

“I hope you understand why I’m opening up about it. It’s healing”

David goes on to explain, “I hope you understand why I’m opening up about it. It’s healing. And helps me not be ashamed of who I am the way I was for years. I thought I had to change myself. And if I didn’t change myself, I was a failure. thank you to the other hundreds who stayed to listen last night.

“I know it’s not a topic that is usually talked about and it can be uncomfortable for some. Even though it’s a journey you may not fully understand, it means a lot to me that you were still willing to listen,” David blames the haters, screwed up, unless you allow your own misconceptions to screw it up yourself. Thank you Delta.”

The singer thanks his fans “And to everyone who still follows me on my journey. I am so grateful to you. I hope you continue to support others going through the same things I recently went through and overcame thanks to the many people like you who are compassionate and supportive.

“I will not apologize for anything I say, however imperfectly I express it. I am I”

“To reiterate what my manager said in response to this email, I will not apologize for anything I say, however imperfectly I phrase it. I am I. And I will never apologize for it again, as I did so many years before. And I hope you too can be unapologetically and lovingly yourself. Wherever you are on your journey.”

The fact that David is alive after years of torture IS the Christmas miracle. And miracles must be shared. For all those people clinging to their pearls and getting the fumes over David sharing his journey to self-acceptance, there are probably many more whose lives are SAVED by David’s honesty. David has the Christmas spirit, bad grammar, dude needs to sit down and rethink their lives. It’s not divine at all.

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