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Last week, Sonequa Martin-Green took time away from the set playing Captain Burnham for Star Trek: Discovery to help promote the launch of Paramount+ in the UK. We already reported some tidbits from the blue carpet, but while in the UK, she also did a sit-down video interview (which you can watch below) where she offered a bit more information about the season and her hopes for a crossover.

“Lovely” season 5… and Michael’s connection to Book

In a video interview with the UK’s Digital SpySonequa Martin-Green said she couldn’t give away any spoilers for season 5, but she did describe it in general:

I can say that it’s going to be refreshing. It’s going to be invigorating. And I think it’s going to be… I’ll just say lovely. I think it’s gonna be lovely, in the true sense of the word.

While similar to what she said on the blue carpet to another outlet last week, the full interview included more context where Martin-Green talked about how this “lovely” season 5 will contrast with season four, which she noted was produced during an era of “tragedy,” during the height of the COVID pandemic, adding that “art was imitating life and life imitating art and there were a lot of parallels there.”

It still hasn’t been confirmed what role, if any, David Ajala’s Cleveland Booker will have in season 5. Season 4 ended with Book and Michael saying goodbye as the Federation sent him to help those displaced by the DMA as a way to make up for his crimes during the season. When asked what the future held for Book and Michael, Martin-Green indicated they can’t be kept apart:

I think that it’s very much what they say in that last moment they have together in season four. It’s very much that Kwejian quote. I get the sense that these two, that they’re always going to be in each other’s space somehow. They’re connected at this point. And I think that for Burnham, Book has come to represent a great deal of things for her. He represented the new future for the longest time. And then this actualization that has happened in Burnham was certainly because of the influence of Book. And I am grateful to him for that as Burnham and just as he’s grateful to me for what I’ve influenced in him. So yeah, those two are always going to have something to do with each other.

Martin-Green referred to the pair’s final scene in the season 4 finale, when Booker shared a Kwejian saying hat meant “We’ve parted a hundred times. May we rejoin to part a hundred more.”

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and David Ajala as Book

Still talking crossover… wants to get animated

When asked if there was some iconic part of Star Trek lore she would like to explore in DiscoveryMartin-Green again brought up the notion of doing a crossover:

I love the idea of crossover episodes. I would love that. I would crossover with anyone… Come on, let’s figure this out. That’s what I would really love to see, especially as we’re expanding.

When Digital Spy followed up with the idea of an animated Michael Burnham on Lower DecksMartin-Green jumped at the idea:

Ooh, yes! That would be lovely. I would love that. I’d be down.

Executive producer Alex Kurtzman has confirmed there is going to be a Star Trek Universe crossover of some sort.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Watch it

Here is the full video interview with Digital Spy.

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