Downtown Vancouver rental comes with view of the kitchen

At least midnight snacks are close at hand.

While this tiny room has great views out its windows of Vancouver, the large glass door offers a rather odd sight.

The kitchen.

This short-term rental listed on Craigslist has perhaps the shortest distance ever for someone looking to grab a bite; the stove is just a pane of glass away. The ad shows the kitchen is just through a sliding glass door (which doesn’t appear to have a curtain or shade blocking it) meaning someone could go to sleep watching the oven door. (Or they could be watched like an oven door by someone in the kitchen.)

In addition to the odd view, the den itself is quite small, with what appears to be a queen bed completely filling the space. There’s virtually no standing space except pressed against that sliding door.

To rent it, visitors will have to fork over $125 per night or $700 per week; the ad doesn’t mention any long-term rental options. While the sleeping arrangement does seem unusual, the rest of the space appears to be a relatively normal unit. The ad notes the den is at the Lions, a two-tower residential complex in Coal Harbour.

For its location it appears to be on the low end of short-term rentals; Airbnb listings for that area start at $156 per night (with one option) and quickly pass $250.

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