Driver fined, more protesters charged in second day of CBD climate protests

Police also confirmed that a 31-year-old man from Bondi, who was seen driving his vehicle into protesters on Monday, was issued a ticket for negligent driving, which attracts a fine of $465 and three demerit points.

A spokesman for Blockade Australia said the driving ticket demonstrates “how much more strongly police are repressing non-violent activists than people committing violence against them”.

Asked if the fine sends the right message, NSW Police Minister and Deputy Premier Paul Toole said police “will rightly take action in relation to any illegal acts that come to their attention”.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Paul Dunstan, the commander of Strike Force Guard, said: “Community safety is our number one priority”. He also said the police force “makes no apologies for the arrests of individuals who are seeking to disrupt the livelihood of Sydneysiders going about their daily business, by engaging in unlawful behaviour.

“We have well documented processes in place to facilitate lawful demonstrations, but when protesters choose to ignore those rules, we will act swiftly and take action to prevent those unlawful demonstrations interfering with and disrupting traffic.”

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