Drone footage shows extent of devastation after Kremenchuk shopping centre strike

Firefighters worked at the scene through the night to put out the fire and let the rescue teams search for the missing people but hopes of finding someone alive amid the smouldering ruins were increasingly dim by Tuesday afternoon.

Russia’s defence ministry has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s deadly bombing but insisted it did not know what the mall was open.

Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian military, said on Tuesday morning that Russia on Monday used “high-precision weapons” to target hangers at a local factory storing fresh ammunition and weapons supplies from the US and Europe.

Mr Konashenkov said the Russia airstrike destroyed the weaponry that was bound to be sent to the eastern Ukraine, the epicentre of the war’s heaviest fighting.

He admitted that the shopping centre “caught fire” because of the Russian attack but insisted that Moscow thought it was shut down.

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