Elizabeth Olsen wants bigger change for future Marvel appearances

Doctor Strange 2 brought Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff back in an unexpected way. The Benedict Cumberbatch-led sequel revolves around the concept of alternative realities, where the marketing apparently teases that the titular wizard will have to team up with Scarlet Witch to save the Multiverse from an unknown threat. However, some scenes seem to tease Wanda’s half-turn in the film, as evidenced by footage of her attacks on the Illuminati complex and the Kamar-Taj.

Warning – The rest of this article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

Multiverse of madness finally confirmed that Scarlet Witch is the main villain where the character was corrupted by Darkhold. After failing to gain America Chavez’s powers and realize what she’s done, Wanda eventually sacrifices herself at the end of the film, leaving everyone with the question: did Wanda die in Doctor Strange 2?

While the character’s future is still uncertain after the game-changing events Doctor Strange successor, Olsen shared his ideas about Wanda’s next MCU stay.

Is Scarlet Witch done in the MCU?

Is Elizabeth Olsen done with the MCU?

Elizabeth Olsen sat down with Fandango, via Rotten tomatoesto talk about Wanda Maximoff’s MCU future after Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

When asked how long she is willing to portray the scarlet witch, Olsen first admitted that the character’s journey in Multiverse of madness ended the road “it must end” at the same time as she pointed out that she would need help to get “Some ideas” from fans about her next adventure:

“I really thought of this movie as a story that was told between … It ends as it should end and I’m always very curious about what the fans want next time because I have no ideas. So I think , That would be useful to get some ideas from them. “

Olsen then reiterated that as long as there is one “good story to tell,” she will be willing to return to MCU:

“My whole thing without having such big deals or whatever you know, go nine times or whatever it is, is that for so long, and that’s what happened to WandaVision, as long as there’s a good story. to tell, I want to be there, but I do not think it’s funny for the fans that we just like to show up and have nothing interesting to share or tell or explore, and so for me it’s always about the story. “

Old Scarlett Witch from comics
Marvel comics

The MCU veteran also shared that she loves the idea of ​​playing an older and wiser version of the character, and she said she imagines portraying Wanda “with similar prostheses and silver hair” in a future project:

“If there’s a good idea, I’m happy to play her. I also think she’s old, will actually be something amazing. In the comics, her power degrades her in a way and ages her in a way in some of the comics. I think it’s something amazing. One day I imagined myself with similar dentures and silver hair and liked to play her as an older wise woman and that’s why I have such a dream of aging her. I just really think , she’s ancient in herself, just like the myth of the scarlet witch is this ancient myth, and so it’s something I kind of love, a potential future that I’m just about to throw out and that I do not really do. know where it’s going. “

What’s next for Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda?

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige previously reiterated that Wanda Maximoff’s story will not end Doctor Strange succeeds and says:

It’s the first place that story will continue, but there will be other places.

Given Feige’s comments, it’s safe to assume Wanda is not dead, and the character will eventually make his triumphant return at some point in MCU’s future.

Elizabeth Olsen may have a clear idea of ​​where the character is headed next time, and her comments about portraying an older and wiser version of Scarlet Witch could suggest her upcoming story.

Based on the sequel’s conclusion, it’s possible that Scarlet Witch will eventually survive, with her potentially in hiding after her darkest trip to date. The dark team, however, may have taken a heavy toll on her, which led to her aging a lot.

Scarlet Witch's Wanda Maximoff Bloopers

By doing this, Olsen’s desire to portray an older Wanda Maximoff is fulfilled, and the character can save the day again in a future battle where the fate of the world is at stake.

This story can be explored in a potential solo film about Scarlet Witch, or an older Wanda Maximoff can be shown off in one of the alternate realities of the vast Multiverse.

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness now plays in cinemas worldwide.

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