Exodus from Hong Kong

Hours before the National Security Act came into effect, Nathan Law, the youngest lawmaker elected to the Hong Kong legislature in 2016, went into exile in the UK

Unlike others who act inconspicuously, Law says he has made it his mission to continue to advocate for democracy in Hong Kong.

“The challenges I face as a political activist in Hong Kong are different from the challenges I face as an exile activist,” he says from London. “I need to talk to policy makers, talk to the media to explain things in a way that they understand — and relate what I want them to do with their own best interests.”

Despite these changes, both in where he lives and the work he does, Law tries to adapt.

“I think it’s been a very rewarding journey for me,” he says.

In other ways, however, it is easier to get media attention in London than in Hong Kong, according to Reporters Without Borders, as press freedom has plummeted along with China’s rise in influence.

In 2002, when the Press Freedom Index was first published, Hong Kong was ranked 18th out of 180 countries. Last year it dropped to 80 and this year it stands at 148.

China, meanwhile, is at 176.

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