Family of Astroworld victim criticizes Travis Scott for Bugatti purchase

The family of a 9-year-old who died at Astroworld says it’s simply not a good look for Travis Scott to buying a $5.5 million luxury car right now.

If Travis had spent half of the price he paid for the Bugatti on basic safety measures at the deadly music festival, their son Ezra Blount would still be alive today and enjoying his summer, according to Bob Hillard, the family of Ezra Blount’s attorney, who spoke to TMZ.

Before he passed away from his injuries, Ezra, who was crushed at Astroworld, sued Travis. Despite the barrage of lawsuits he’s currently facing, Travis recently splurged on a new Bugatti Veyron Chiron Super Sport.

While Hillard criticizes Travis’ choices as “excessive” and asserts that everything Travis does should be scrutinized in light of what happened at Astroworld, Ezra’s lawyer asserts that Travis has every right to live his life as he sees fit, including purchasing whatever he desires.

As the Astroworld lawsuit intensifies, Ezra’s attorney also has some harsh words for Travis’ camp, calling them out for attempting to make Travis look good by parking a $5.5 million car in his driveway.

Travis Scott responds

TMZ reached out to a representative of Travis Scott regarding this situation, to which they responded: “This latest attempt to exploit Astroworld victims and gaslight the media and the public is a new low. The car referenced was purchased way back in 2020 (well before the tragic events at Astroworld), and covered widely by the media – including TMZ – at that time.”

“Misrepresenting a two-year-old car purchase to make an unprovoked and unjustified attack on Travis Scott is nothing more than another desperate publicity stunt to try to falsely blame Travis and intentionally manipulate public opinion, which won’t work,” the statement claims.

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