How Fred Schebesta went from Pizza Hut to castle-owning millionaire

The founder of an Australian technology giant has spoken through his path to success and transformed from a Pizza Hut call center operator to a multimillionaire.

The multimillionaire’s founder of technology giant Finder has opened up his path to success and how he went from a Pizza Hut call center operator to one of Australia’s most successful business owners.

In an in-depth interview with The Australian, Schebesta revealed that he had sacrificed “health, family time, friendships” while gathering his empire and talking about hitting the bottom during a messy divorce with the mother of his two daughters.

The 39-year-old CEO came last year on The Australian Financial Review’s Young Rich List, which became number 26.

Schebesta now has a personal net worth of over $ 210 million after the transition to the online world, launching into the stratosphere by offering Australians a go-to site to compare everything from loans to television.

But Schebesta admitted that he did some “stupid things” while navigating through his relationship breakdown and paying $ 30,000 a month in legal fees over a difficult period of two and a half years.

The crooked CEO said it took him nearly three years to recover, including some advice from divisive Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, to finally give up alcohol.

“I have enough energy, I do not need to add more to the tank. You already have a fireworks display, you do not need to make it bigger. Alcohol was something I could just remove. It has saved me money, given me more time and made me healthier, ”he said The Australian.

“I remember, after giving it up, I went to this charity dinner, I was dressed pretty flamboyant. A guy said to me, ‘I kept an eye on you all night, and you did not get a single drink.’ “People are watching. I want to be my authentic self, and I just do not think it helps.”

He now lives in a $ 15 million “fortress” by the sea in Sydney, having made it big on bitcoin before its astronomical rise in 2017.

The mansion by the cliff – known for its glass, stone and galvanized steel elements – has breathtaking sea views and was previously owned by ad guru John Singleton in 2005.

Finder has now branched out into the crypto sphere and is launching its first crypto product called Finder Earn. The product acts as a crypto-based competitor to bank deposits, offering users a 4 percent return for exchanging Australian dollars for “stablecoins” linked to the currency.

“You can imagine that we are going to take advantage of cryptocurrency and bring it to the daily person. Make it easier in terms of borrowing money. So not having to do a credit check because you are already secured from your crypto or your folio ,” he said.

“We see ourselves as the bridge between the web 2.0 and the web 3.0 world. Taking the daily consumer on that journey. It’s quite difficult and we want to make it more accessible, easy and simple. To be able to get the benefits that crypto can bring. “

Schebesta says that once in a century, Australia has the potential to become a cryptocurrency hub that attracts investment from all over the globe.

“I think high level, like zooming out on a macro scale, not betting on crypto would be like not betting on the internet in 96-97. Our dividend product, it explodes, goes so well. People take the risk away “They want to find dividends,” he said.

“In terms of market size, it’s still pretty small. I still think it’s just started.”

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