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Time is almost up! You found this article just in time to book your ticket for Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki at the lowest possible price. This is an incomparable opportunity to take your business to the next level, learn and network with the biggest gaming brands in the world and create connections that can forever change the course of your career. Do not miss to secure a seat at the best possible price, ticket prices rise at midnight tonight!

If you have not heard, we are returning to Helsinki in a big way – this September 27-28, we welcome over 1,200 gaming industry professionals to learn from 200 of the leading gaming industry thought leaders from around the globe. They will fill 19 conference-conference tracks across both days and it will be absolutely incredible. You will not want to miss hearing from our incredible speakers – these include major industry players from companies such as King, Hallyu Con, Space Ape Games, Nitro Games and many, many more.

Join Helsinki participants who have already secured their tickets at the best possible price by using our Super Early Bird offer, you will thank yourself for it later. These super early birds are already getting the most out of their conference experience months before it even takes place, and they’ve saved a whopping £ 430 on their ticket while doing so. Book your ticket on our website now and join!

Not sure why you should buy your ticket early in addition to the huge savings? Not to worry. Continue reading, we list all the benefits you get when you secure your PG Connects Helsinki ticket early. Keep reading to find out more.

1) The cheapest ticket you get!
Our Super Early Bird offer is the best you can ever get. You can save up to £ 430 with our time-limited discount and when prices rise it will not come back! Whichever ticket option you choose to buy, you can take advantage of the huge savings – so even if you are a student or indie developer who wants to use our special dedicated discounts, you can take advantage of our Super Early Bird discount and get your ticket at the best price if you buy it before midnight tonight.

2) Take it easy knowing that you are the earliest of the early birds
You do not have to think about buying your conference tickets before conference time if you do today. In fact, there’s also no need to stress about being the first to start networking – our MeetToMatch platform typically opens a little earlier than the conference time, and delegates then start booking their days out with meetings. You can rest assured knowing that you will be the first to be contacted when the platform goes live, so you can start making the all-important connections long before conference time.

3) Let your network know that you are participating and start getting to know other participants
The wonders of social media allow you to advertise your presence and interact with our official #PGConnects hashtag. You can even use some of these trademark assets to indicate that you want to participate. You will see other attendees and big company names come in over the next few weeks, and you can start planning who you would like to schedule meetings with the moment the participating companies are announced. You will be able to sit back and see which brands and big names pique your interest if you sign up today, and be the first to contact them when the meeting scheduling system opens. Do not miss it!

4) Get access to apply for our selection of highly attended fringe events, including Investor Connector, Publisher SpeedMatch, The Very Big Indie Pitch sessions, Money Maker and more …
The fringe events at our PG Connects conferences are always highly sought after and visited, so early registration is usually highly recommended to get the best chance to pitch your game through our Very Big Indie Pitch sessions or be selected for matchmaking through our facilitated matchmaking events such as Investor Connector, Publisher Speedmatch, Money Maker and more. If you want to attend these free fringe events, it’s time to book your ticket now – you need to be a registered participant to sign up for these events, and the sooner you do, the better your chances of getting involved!

5) Get access to the best deals on accommodation
We know how stressful it can be to get to a new city and find out where the most affordable and comfortable accommodation is, and we want to help make the booking process for accommodation as simple and cost-effective as possible for our participants. If you want to stay in a safe, affordable and comfortable accommodation, we have created a hotel card that also gives registered participants exclusive access at advantageous prices. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to book both your conference ticket and your accommodation at the best possible prices early, you only have a few hours left!

Ready to save £ 430 on your ticket?
If you’re looking for the best deal on your PG Connects Helsinki ticket, now is the time to buy your ticket. Do not wait until the deal is gone, it’s gone. Go to our website right now and take advantage of the amazing savings you can get if you book before midnight tonight. Think of all the things you can do with the extra £ 430 you save and do not miss out on this fantastic time-limited Super Early Bird offer!

See you in Helsinki!

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