Former NFL quarterback Alex Smith reveals daughter’s ‘excruciating’ surgery for brain tumor – The Mercury News

Alex Smith, a 16-year NFL veteran, revealed last weekend that his youngest daughter is recovering from 10-hour emergency surgery after doctors found a brain tumor last month.

Sloane was rushed to the emergency room on May 10 after she showed “stroke-like symptoms,” Smith and his wife Elizabeth wrote in a joint social media post on Saturday. After conducting tests, doctors discovered the tumor and directed her to emergency surgery.

“The 10-hour procedure was the most excruciating time of our lives,” the Smiths wrote.

“A clock has never run so slowly.”

Neurosurgeons at Stanford Children’s Hospital removed the entire tumor, and pathology reports came back weeks later to show that Sloane had a “very rare malignant tumor with very few documented cases — without a clear roadmap for treatment,” the Smiths said.

“We wish this was easy and clear and that someone would give us a guide. It’s anything but that. All we know is what matters most – and that’s SLOANE. She has recovered from an operation. Back to her sparkling self. Sing, dance, laugh and feel good,” they wrote.

“This is by far the most challenging time we have ever experienced. We know it’s not over and we have a journey ahead of us, but we wouldn’t have come this far without you. We’re sorry if we seem withdrawn. It’s because we… We’ve been inundated with doctor’s appointments, scans, labs, and we’ve tried our best to navigate through this. The most important thing is that we are healing together as a family.”

Sloane is the youngest of the Smiths’ three children and has two older brothers.

Smith, 38, spent 16 years with the San Francisco 49ers, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Washington Commanders before retiring in 2021. In November 2018, he suffered a horrific leg injury after being discharged, then developed life-threatening necrotizing fasciitis that took 17 years. operations. Doctors recommended amputation, but the quarterback refused, eventually returning to the field in July 2020.

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