Furious motorist explodes at climate activist blocking Sydney Harbour Tunnel and bringing peak-hour traffic to a standstill

An outraged driver has unleashed on a Blockade Australia protester who blocked traffic at the Sydney Harbour Tunnel in the name of climate change on Monday morning.

A furious motorist has confronted a climate change activist who blocked traffic on the Sydney Harbour Tunnel by chaining herself to her steering wheel.

Mali, 22, parked her white hatchback across two lanes at the southbound entrance of the tunnel in North Sydney on Monday morning, bringing peak-hour traffic to a standstill.

She had wrapped a bike lock around her neck and attached herself to the vehicle’s steering wheel as part of Blockade Australia’s protest action when she began to livestream to the environmentalist group’s Facebook page from inside the car.

“There are some really angry people who are screaming and threatening me and banging on doors,” she told the camera.

“The police are on their way, and I’m not sure how long this is going to happen for. I’m not sure what is about to happen.”

During the livestream one fed-up motorist is seen storming towards the vehicle before unleashing a tirade of verbal abuse.

“You’re f***ing everyone’s day up, you dumb c**t,” he screams.

“Get the f*** out of the way!”

Unbothered by the obscenities, Mali turns to the camera and says: “To this man I would say I stand with you. It is for you, it is for your family that we do this.”

“It’s for everyone’s people that they love that we take this stand because it is for all of us that we need our life support systems.”

The man continues to scream obscenities as she calmly sips water from a plastic bottle.

She was eventually cut free from the vehicle and was among 10 people charged for their involvement in the protests.

NSW Deputy Premier Paul Toole told Sky News Australia he was “absolutely furious” by what he witnessed in the city on Monday morning.

“Many people are just trying to get to work, people are just trying to get their kids to school and people out there who are trying to earn a decent and honest day’s living,” he said to News Day host Danica De Giorgio.

He labelled the demonstrators as “professional pests” who were “not helping their cause at the end of the day” by infuriating the public with their actions.

“What they really are is nothing short of economic vandals and this kind of action and behaviours will not be tolerated in the state,” Mr Toole added.

Demonstrators could be slapped with a $22,000 fine or up to two years in jail for illegally disrupting public roads, rail lines, tunnels, bridges and industrial estates.

Blockade Australia claimed in a Facebook post they were targeting the heart of “a system of exploitation set to destroy our climate”.

“Sydney has developed into the political and economic capital of Australia. It makes perfect sense to start at the guts of this system and disrupt its most important points,” the group said.

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