G-Land Now: After The Comp, Before The Storm

Photography by Bill Morris.

About a week ago, our ace contributor Billy Morris left his actual home in Bondi and took off for his second home: Grajagan.

It was a spur of the moment decision that so far he has not regretted for a moment. “Great Moneys and Speedies straight off the bat,” Bill reports. “Getting some waves. Best ones in years actually. Helicopter flight in was insane too! Ha! Feel pretty beaten up already but no cuts, touch wood.”

After the hubbub of the recent WSL CT, the camps seem to have settled down — not over-crowded, with some great underground characters in situ. 74-year-old Larry McGraw, who spent the past two pandemic winters at G-Land almost by himselfis there, as is 13-year-old Felix Byrnes, son of Newcastle’s longboard legend and shaper Jye.

Bill will be there through the coming swell triple-upso watch for more amazingness from this epic surfing location in the week to come. Meanwhile, here’s a brief look at the magic out there on that reef.

The reef is still the reef. (Crazy sunsets up here courtesy of volcanic ash from the Tongan eruption last December.)

Cappucino! What would the G-Land panther think? It’s $2 a cup, and a double shot will change your life.

Wandering back after a surf takes some time across this reef – part of what makes surfing here so cool. Moneytrees sliding off in the distance.

Luke Chaffer, long gone in the Speed Reef gun-barrel. Sadly Luke hit the reef later in the session and needed stitches – not uncommon here.

Right to left: Felix Byrnes, Jye Byrnes, and Newcastle neighbour Ollie Ryssenbeek, happy in the lineup.

Here’s the thing: there’s just so much space. Luke Chaffer again, pre-injury and flying.

Above and below: French traveller Sam Piter, holding a nice Speedies line…

…And rolling off a turn further down the line. This place draws people from everywhere, and no wonder.

They say there’ll be a hotel here some day. This looks just fine for now.

Veteran Larry McGraw, getting his share off the Launching Pad.

Do you chase it, or just watch it go by? One coming down from Moneytrees.

Five Amigos, l-r: Luke Chaffer, Kenta Fogarty, Jordan O’Rourke, Tane Pritchard, Seb Bungate. You never forget your G-Land friends, mainly because you’ve been in that lineup together for hours.

More to come.

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