Game Of Thrones Alum Maisie Williams Reacts To Kit Harington’s Jon Snow Spinoff

Game of Thrones seemingly brought Jon Snow’s story to an end with its series finale back in 2019 when he headed north with the Free Folk after being exiled from the kingdom, but it turns out that Kit Harington wasn’t necessarily finished with playing his iconic role after all. A spinoff centering on Harington’s Jon Snow is currently in development at HBOand now his former co-star and on-screen sister Maisie Williams has shared her thoughts on the spinoff.

Maisie Williams (who has moved on from Game of Thrones with a variety of projects, most recently including FX on Hulu’s Pistol), spoke with People about the big news regarding her former on-screen brother, saying:

I think it’s really exciting, and I think that Kit is such a phenomenal actor. Him playing Jon Snow was just like a cultural reset. I think everything that he touches is magic, and I’m excited to see what it’s going to be.

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