Get 2 MAC Cosmetics Extended Play Mascaras for the price of 1

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MAC Cosmetics Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash Mascara Reviews

One shopper raved: “By far the best mascara I’ve ever used and I’ve tried many over the years. It doesn’t give me a flashy lash effect, but it definitely lifts my lashes and shows them off!! And it’s easy to wipe.”

Another explained: “This is the only mascara that keeps my super tight lashes curled all day, of course with the help of an eyelash curler! You can make it look super natural by using the tip of the spooly to apply the mascara to a get super dramatic pointed look by using the whole wand. I took naps with this mascara and woke up still looking amazing. Give it a shot!”

Someone else gushed, “I’ve had the best results with this mascara! My lashes are thin and thin and I’m in my 60s. This mascara gives me length and volume!”

“Love this mascara for everyday wear, love that it’s washable. I’ve tried every mascara out there, but it transfers to my hoods of my eyes. I don’t think it adds much volume, but i still love it waterproof mascara is terrible for everyday wear im so glad i tried this mascara hopefully it wont be discontinued it also keeps the curl on my coarse straight lashes all day i am just love it,” wrote one fan of the mascara.

One customer reviewed: “I absolutely love it. The wand works magically, it’s easy to use, it lifts every lash, it’s buildable, it finds lashes I didn’t know existed. It stays all day to sit.”

One fan of the mascara gushed, “I love this mascara! I curl my lashes and apply this and they don’t fall out!!! They stay perky all day long and look natural! If I want extra drama, I add a coat in extreme 3D and they stay on!!!! Lovvvve!”

Someone wrote: “This has replaced ALL my mascaras and I have tried them ALL. It is the most balanced mascara as it ticks all the boxes enough. I need waterproof to hold a curl but ruined my lashes. This offers enough drama, holds a curl, waterproof (enough, can’t swim with it) and is easier to remove other clumping mascaras (no bits of polymers in the sink). Better brushing than usual Extended Play. Yes, you need 2-3 side/vertical sweeping jackets. But the volume/length, portability and easy removal is a great overall package. Can’t recommend it enough!”

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