Girls sell grandma’s flowers in Oak Bay to raise $375 for kids with cancer

An afternoon of picking flowers with Grandma sounds like joy, and for some Greater Victoria girls, it was an afternoon of learning and loving.

Georgia Poitras (9) and her sister Rosie (5) noticed that Nana Susan Loraas-Pletsch had an awful lot of flowers in her Oak Bay garden.

“We thought maybe we should have a flower sale,” Georgia explained. With the help of their grandmother, they pick and pack pots of fresh flowers for sale to raise money for their chosen charity, the Island Kids Cancer Association.

They chose it in honor of their late cousin Caren, who died of cancer. Children were very important to Caren, a teacher, Georgia said. Patrons from the stand on Roslyn Road told the couple they were proud of the young philanthropists.

“They were very generous. Some people didn’t buy flowers, they just donated. Most people have donated more money than the flowers were.”

The couple raised $375 for the Island Kids Cancer Association, Rosie said.

From emergency gas or grocery cards to social programs that give young people the opportunity to be children, the organization provides hands-on support to children with cancer and their families at all stages of the journey.

It’s very important to help when you can, the couple told Oak Bay News. With that in mind, they may reappear on Roslyn Road.

“We thought this year’s sale was a huge success. We would do it every year in honor of Caren,” Georgia said.

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