Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Says He’s “Renouncing” Citizenship – Deadline

Billie Joe Armstrong don’t want to be an American idiot.

The Grammy-winning Green Day singer/songwriter slammed the US during a Friday night concert in London, and vowed he was moving to the UK. He proclaimed “F**k America,” adding that he was “renouncing” his citizenship in the wake of the Supreme Cout overturning Roe v. Wade’s federal abortion protections.

Armstrong, 50, told his audience “There’s too much f***ing stupid in the world to go back to that miseable f**king excuse for a country” when he made his reveal..

He added: “Oh, I’m not kidding, you’re going to get a lot of me in the coming days.”

It’s not the first anti-US sentiments from Armstrong, whose “American Idiot” takes shots at life in the US. He has repeatedly made political statements during his concerts and in interviews.

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