‘Harley Quinn’ Has A Season 3 Teaser And Premiere Date

Kaley Cuoco’s Harley Quinn may not get big-budget Hollywood movies, but the animated offshoot of the DC cinematic universe is one of the best shows on television. And Season 3 officially has a release date.

Tuesday brought an official trailer for Season 3 of Harley Quinnwhich looks to be picking up right where the show left off when it comes to humor and absurdity. Unshackled with the seriousness modern Batman movies are forced to carry, Quinn is one of the funniest and best comic adaptations ever made. It’s the only show where Robin will refuse a custom grilled cheese with all the crusts cut off, just like he prefers.

Season 2 of Harley Quinn ended with (spoilers incoming!) the start of Quinn’s relationship with Poison Ivy. And the Season 3 trailer shows them squarely in the happy times of young love.

“What is it with you and, like, bags of people?” Ivy asks as Harley delivered a two-week anniversary gift to her girlfriend: Suicide Squad leader Emilia Hardcourt. That’s just one bit of the “Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour” Harley and Ivy are on as a new power couple in Gotham. But they’re not the only familiar faces seen in the trailer. Clayface and King Shark appear to be broken out of prison, and there’s plenty of talk about what Ivy and Harley are doing when no other heroes are around.

“It’s so fun, and raunchy. And then a little scary,” Lake Bell’s Ivy says during the trailer, which is actually a pretty great logline for the show through its two seasons and counting.

Season 3 promises to be, in no particular order: wetter, freakier, squishier, filthier, and creepier. Also, an animated James Gunn obliges when a man demands to be sat on. If you’re just catching up on all of this, well, you have a bit of time to find yourself ready for Season 3. It hits HBO Max on July 28.

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