I know exactly why Uvalde police did not rush that classroom. And who can blame them?

The officers had reasonable fear

I do not have to watch the body camera footage to understand why police officers in Uvalde waited more than an hour before confronting an armed man who killed 19 children and two teachers. They apparently feared for their own lives, knowing they would face a military rifle that could shoot through cars, doors and walls.

The police failure in Uvalde must be shared with all police unions in the country. They have stood by and done nothing to protect their officers from being shot out. Police departments across the country should go on strike and demand that Congress ban assault weapons with high-capacity magazines to ensure the safety of officers as well as every single child they have sworn to protect.

– Sharon Ausstry, Fort Worth

Fresh ideas about the arms debate

I’m sitting on a rocker about the firearms issue. As a non-repentant literal about the Constitution, I am suspicious of those who demand that I or anyone else compromise “because it just makes sense” or because we need to “do something”. But I see and support the need for demonstrated training and skills in many areas and endeavors, including firearms, because grandfather or father is not present to teach young people about respectful and careful handling of objects such as weapons.

Sunday’s columns by Mark Davis and Tom Giovanetti (5C, “Conservatives Can Live with the Senate Arms Agreement – Except for This One Terrible Provision”, “Not even the rights to the 2nd Amendment are absolute. Let’s talk about keeping weapons from the insane”) are good explanations of how to approach the subject and reasonably “do something”. Thank you for clearing the air a little.

– James R. Cooke, Willow Park

When the weapons become personal

All law-abiding citizens should have the right to own a gun to protect their homes, absolutely. Should criminals, minors, outlaws and nuts be allowed to buy all the weapons they want? Absolutely not. How many more mass shootings must take place before an end is made to making all kinds of weapons available to all kinds of people?

For those who are against extended background checks: Just wait until a family member is shot down by someone who should never have had a gun. We can only hope that does not happen.

– JW Holmes, Arlington

Cruz offers pablum, not action

Late. Ted Cruz’s message after the Uvalde massacre was that he and his wife were praying for the community. As a 72-year-old gun owner, Native American and Cruz constituent, I would prefer that he support gun laws in the House of Representatives, which are found in the Senate.

Texans support universal background checks on all arms purchases. Background checks alone will not solve the problem, so we also need red flag laws, magazine capacity limits and an increase in the age to buy firearms for 21 years.

I’m tired of Cruz’s Christian-like chatter, deflection of the real issues of gun violence and do-nothing attitude.

– David E. Voss, Dallas

Hetero people are not ‘sexual’?

To avoid playing “sexual identity politics,” the Texas Republican Party refused stands sponsored by LGBTQ groups at its convention in Houston. (June 19, 18A, “Fort Worth LGBTQ Republican Group Denied Stand at Convention”) By this logic, stands sponsored by heterosexual participants should be denied.

To be fair, both groups should be accepted because both belong to the same human race.

– Rita Cotterly, Fort Worth

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