I’m a bride and prepared for weeks for my wedding – I threw it all away DAYS before to make a final bad decision

A BRIDE prepared for weeks before her wedding but has thrown it all away at the last moment to indulge in a final bad decision.

The soon-to-be-wife became “unhinged” after weeks of pilates and celery juice and drove to McDonald’s to get a McFlurry right before the big day.

This bride prepared for weeks before her wedding but has thrown it all away at the last minute


This bride prepared for weeks before her wedding but has thrown it all away at the last minuteCredit: TikTok/@danaebdraeger
After weeks of 'pilates and celery juice,' the bride shared on TikTok that she snapped and went to McDonald's for a McFlurry


After weeks of ‘pilates and celery juice,’ the bride shared on TikTok that she snapped and went to McDonald’s for a McFlurryCredit: TikTok/@danaebdraeger

Posting the pivotal moment on TikTokuser Danae captured her understandable breaking point in a video that now has over 1.5million views.

“Live footage of me becoming unhinged after weeks of pilates and celery juice and driving to get a McFlurry days before our wedding,” Danae wrote over a video of her driving away.

Backing out of her driveway, Danae proudly held up a hand gesture that indicated she did not care about the repercussions of the ice cream treat.

Some TikTok users took to the comments to congratulate the bride on her wedding and her McDonald’s.

“Iconic and so deserved,” one person said.

Another user commented, “I can’t even imagine how good that must have tasted.”

Even the official McDonald’s account said, “commenting to stay on mcflurry wedding szn tiktok.”

“Imagine getting there though and the machine was broken I’d cry,” another person said.

Other users criticized her attempts to be in top shape for the big day, saying that shouldn’t be the focus of weddings.

“I ate salad for three months straight before my wedding,” one user said.

“No one talks about the eating disorders that surface (or resurface) because of these events.”

Another said, “Not unhinged – it’s balance and it’s healthy.”

“You’ll be beautiful on your wedding day because your heart will be full and your joy will radiate not because you’ve only had celery juice,” another person said.

This comes as another bride has had a meltdown over another couple taking pictures in front of her wedding venue and made a terrible mistake.”

The bride took to a Facebook group to complain about a couple who had seemingly “pretended her venue was theirs” – but was met with criticism rather than sympathy.

A woman, whose identity The US Sun has chosen to protect, took to the Facebook group That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming to rant about her dramatic wedding day.

“Shaming a bride, a groom, a photographer, and anyone who ever had a hand in raising them,” she said at the beginning of her post, warning readers about the post.

“I got married on Saturday at a historic site in San Diego. A museum overlooking Old Town. A truly gorgeous venue that took a LOT of TLC and [money] to make ours.”

She then explained that when she pulled up to her venue, she saw another bride and groom taking photos at the venue, all while “strategically standing in front of the Private Event sign and blocking the stairs I decorated and my guests were using.”

Obviously, she flew into a rage and “flew out of my mother-in-law’s car before it even stopped.”

She claimed a “rabid hyena took over my body.”

“I was screaming, swearing, gesturing, and basically in the midst of a full-blown meltdown,” she confessed.

“They didn’t even look at me as the photographer snapped pictures of the imposter bride and groom against my venue. With view of my neon sign. My lounge. My centerpieces. My pink water goblets!!

“He casually told me ‘We’ll only be here two minutes.’ Then the bride casually called me a b**ch.

“As I sat in the getting-ready room shooting down a gin and tonic faster than the speed of light, the venue coordinator informed me she could only move them to the lawn as this is a state park.

“They stayed FOR AN HOUR while my guests were arriving.

“Thankfully nothing could sully our perfect day but if you are even considering this I am begging you to find therapy or God.”

She finished her post with a picture of her and her husband smiling at the camera.

Following her post, a lot of people actually SLAMMED the bride for her post and reaction to the couple.

One person wrote: “You had me until you said it was a state park. That’s a public space and members of the public are allowed to be there.”

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“They saw an opportunity and took it,” a second commented.

A third person slammed her, saying: “Wow. YOU sullied your perfect day by acting like a selfish baby….. MINE, MINE, MINE!!!

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