I’m sorry to inform you that I only just got into Sailor Moon

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Gather your weeberries, for I have come to join your ranks. Look, recently I heard that VANS released a very sick looking collaboration with Sailor Moon† Now I’m no Sailor Moon fanboy, in fact I’ve never seen it. But I am very excited about this collection. Why? I mean, look at that, heathen!

I'm sorry to inform you that I only just got into Sailor Moon

This got me thinking – I’d even go so far as to say it got me thinking – wHi is it that i’ve never seen? Sailor Moon† I mean, it’s a cultural icon. Everything from the drawing style to the music to the characters – it’s all firmly entrenched in pretty much everyone living on the psyche of this planet.

I’ll bet if you floated to that island a while ago with the uncontacted tribe – you know the one – in the news, wouldn’t be friendly to visitors? Yeah those guys I bet even she know who Sailor Moon is.

So I decided to do what should have been done a long time ago.


I finally clipped my toenails. And then I looked Sailor Moon

And let me tell you, friend, I was hooked from the very first minute. Trust me this is a real review from the heart I thought it would be stupid (turns out) I’m stupid) – but I have now seen the light. Sailor Moon is sick. I mean, have you? seen the opening?

Now that the opening is over, I am introduced to the world of Sailor Moon, well, less introduced, more thrust in. Honestly, I was impressed with the respect it had for its audience, aren’t they going to explain the talking cat? Or any of these characters?? What is this a Nolan movie? Who are these people?

Well, turns out I accidentally watched episode two first. Onigiri on my face!

And yet I loved it. It still worked. The dialogues were witty, the art style charming, great pace, action, romance, cool fight scenes, fantastic outfits, talking cats, evil antagonists muttering “foolish human” seemingly quite regularly, and all wrapped up in a slice of high school drama mixed with otherworldly supernatural elements? Where has this been all my life??

And it holds up so well three decades later† A word of warning though, if you venture into the world of Sailor Moon for the first time make sure you get your hands on the 1992 OG anime and not the recently recreated and condensed Sailor Moon Crystal† The general consensus among Reddit’s ultra-online wise nerds is that the new adaptation loses so much of the charm that made the original series so successful.

So all in all, I learned a lot of things, but the best thing I learned was the context for this meme that I’ve enjoyed for years:

I'm sorry to inform you that I only just got into Sailor Moon

In that respect, my work is done here. I’m going to watch some more Sailor Moon

I'm sorry to inform you that I only just got into Sailor Moon

Take a piece of the Sailor Moon action by vans

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